Aluminum properties

The following table contains the main aluminum properties:

Physical Properties



Density at room temperature

2.70 gr/cm3

Liquid density at melting point

2.375 gr/cm3

Melting point

933.47 K (660.32 °C)

Boiling point

2792 K (2519 °C)

Heat of fusion

10.71 kJ/mol

Heat of vaporization

294.0 kJ/mol

Specific heat capacity

(25°C) 24200 J/(mol∙K)

Electrical resistivity

(20°C) 26.50 nΩ∙m

Thermal conductivity

(300 K) 237 W/(m∙K)

Thermal expansion

(25°C) 23.1 µm/(m∙K)

Young Modulus

70 GPa